Black Lives Matter

Today, the individual that took the life of George Floyd was found guilty of all charges.  As a minority owned organization, we see that some form justice was taken.  The confusion is that some people are happy and celebrating that this individual was found guilty on all charges, while some people are mad that this individual was found guilty of any wrongdoing.  The fact is that George Floyd’s life was taken, and it can never be replaced, and inequality is still a reality of our nation. Our stand as a company is “This shows we still have to do the hard work, the hard work of fighting for equality so we all see one another as equal”.

As a minority owned organization, we realize silence is complicity.  We believe we all have a part to play and to speak when we see inequality happening.  We can’t shy away from the responsibility we all have, to do the hard work that is needed to create change and equality. 

Empowers Staffing will do its part by championing in Diversity equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Empowers Staffing recognizes that Black Lives Matter and as a Minority Business Enterprise we will stand for equality for all everyday and every hour.  

Empowers Staffing Inc

Empowers Staffing Inc

Empowers Staffing is the fastest-growing minority-owned Recruiting and Staffing Company. Empowers Staffing connects with your organization to understand your staffing needs and provide you with the most diverse skilled professionals in the market.

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