5 Tips to Build Recruiter Brand

Recruiter Brand has become a prominent term in the industry recently. It includes both personal branding on the individual level and employer branding on the organizational level. However, many recruiters struggle to build a profitable brand in one go. That’s why we have compiled a few points to keep in mind when working towards building your personal brand as a recruiter.

What is Recruiter Branding?

Recruiter branding is no different from personal branding, which is the experience you provide to others. How you interact with people determines your personal brand, including everything you do and don’t do. But, ultimately, it is other people who decide how you are branded. It is because people brand you in their minds based on their experiences with you.

You can hear the terms employer branding and recruitment branding used interchangeably, and that’s fine if you’re a corporate recruiter. It happens because the hiring organization is being branded, especially during the interview and hiring process. However, if you’re an executive search consultant or professional recruiter, recruiter branding refers to you.

If a candidate or client has a negative experience with you (remember, it’s up to them to decide if that’s the case), your recruiting brand will be negative. But on the other hand, if they have a positive experience with you, your recruiter’s brand will be positive. Consequently, the definition of recruiter branding is the experience that a professional recruiter or executive search consultant provides to job applicants and clients. This is a direct reflection of the service that the recruiter provides to both groups of people. And, however, the recruiter’s brand represents the agency the same way as it is when partnered and vice versa.

Why Your Recruiter Branding Matters!

Recruiters love their work and really look out for both parties’ best interests, i.e., candidates and the companies. After all, all recruiters are in this business to improve people’s careers and business’ ROI. And that’s why they are regularly seen as individuals to advise, inform, train, network, and sometimes empathize with candidates and businesses.

Recruiter Branding matters as it’s not just a reflection of yourself, but a reflection of the company you work for! And that’s how recruiter branding helps you build strong professional relationships. But, on the other hand, it appeals because it builds your credibility. And it matters because you want top talent to be in your network.

5 Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Branding Efforts

Here are five ways to improve your recruitment branding efforts:

1. Adopt Technology

Technology lends a hand to your recruiting branding strategy. For example, you can use various platforms to reach potential candidates, such as job boards and social media (e.g., Twitter or Facebook).

You can simplify the candidate engagement, application, and selection process by leveraging websites and platforms. Improving the way you communicate and attract candidates can improve the overall candidate experience. And positive experiences can promote and reinforce your brand.

For instance, you can use online job boards to post jobs and track candidates. Communicating with applicants through various channels can potentially speed up the hiring process. Accelerated processes can lead to positive experiences and change the way applicants view your brand.

2. Leverage Networking Events

One other way to get your brand out there is by attending networking events.

Attending events such as career fairs allows you to meet potential candidates in person. You must give your time to discuss positions, work culture at your organization and consciously set your brand apart. Participating in networking activities can also expose you to a pool of applicants that you may not be able to access online.

You can also meet people who are looking for recruiters for their company. Or you can meet people who know someone who wants a recruiter or looking for recruiting services.

Even if you don’t find any potential candidates or clients, showcasing your agency or services can expose your recruiter’s brand to other individuals.

3. Check Reviews

All businesses have both positive and negative mentions. While reviews usually come from existing clients, they can also come from candidates you’ve interviewed, past clients, or candidates you’ve looked for. But if you do not read or respond to reviews, it can negatively hurt your recruiter brand.

Ensure that you respond to both positive and negative online reviews. Check your website, social media, and other recruitment platforms regularly for feedback. Use reviews to improve processes for prospective applicants.

Responding to feedback may not resolve any candidate’s issues. But it shows that you are trying to improve experiences, which can help your recruiting brand.

4. Involve a Personal Touch

Adding personalization to your recruiter branding can redefine candidate and customer views about you and your brand.

Applicants have multiple ways to interact with recruiters, both online and offline. Online interactions allow the applicants to visit your recruitment agency’s open positions, website, and social media channels. Offline interactions can include applicants speaking to current employees (who are aware of your brand) or hearing about your agency from someone else.

Consider leveraging recruiting software to promote your brand and personalize candidate experiences. The software makes it easy to create personalized communication and interaction. Customize the templates and set your brand apart from other recruiters and agencies instead of providing a dull experience.

5. Work on Brand Advocacy

It is no surprise that word of mouth plays an essential role in recruiters’ branding. If a candidate finds something terrible about an agency or recruiter, it will drive them away. So, build your brand reputation by encouraging candidates, employees, and customers to spread positive information. You can do so by focusing on providing a better experience to your connections.

It’s better to have as many brand advocates as possible. Positive word-of-mouth reviews can attract more candidates, lead to better applicant selection and a better reputation. Also, brand advocacy can change the way people see your recruiting brand.

Indeed, branding is crucial to a recruiter’s career success. However, it also proves to be beneficial for the organizations that partner with the recruiter. Naturally, this puts you in demand as a recruiter. However, it could be challenging for recruiters who have just started their careers, and that’s where Empowers Staffing can assist you.

If you want to climb the career ladder as a recruiter, we can give you a push. So send your resume today to grab the opportunity and kickstart your career in recruitment.

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