Empowers Staffing | Winners of Diverse Talent Acquisition

Are you looking for a recruitment and staffing partner that goes above and beyond to meet your talent
needs? Look no further! Empowers Staffing is your trusted partner in finding top talent for your
organization. At Empowers Staffing, our commitment to providing you with exceptional talent is backed
by a thorough and proven recruitment process. Here’s how we work to source and deliver the best
candidates for your organization:

1. Client Consultation and Needs Assessment:

  • We begin by conducting in-depth consultations with our clients to gain a comprehensive
    understanding of your organization’s specific talent requirements and cultural
  • This initial step is crucial for us to tailor our search to your unique needs.

2. Diverse Candidate Sourcing:

  • Our team employs a multifaceted approach to source candidates, which includes active
    and passive candidate search methods.
  • We tap into our extensive candidate database, utilize job boards, engage on social
    media, and leverage our industry network to identify potential candidates.

3. Rigorous Screening and Assessment:

  • We meticulously screen candidate resumes and applications to identify those who align
    with your job requirements.
  • Our thorough interviewing process allows us to assess qualifications, experience, and
    cultural fit.
  • We may also conduct skills assessments and background checks as needed to ensure
    candidate quality.

4. Candidate Presentation:

  • After shortlisting the most qualified candidates, we create detailed candidate profiles
    that highlight their skills and qualifications.
  • We facilitate interviews between you and the candidates, ensuring a smooth and
    efficient selection process.

5. Offer and Negotiation Assistance:

  • Empowers Staffing assists in the facilitation of job offers to selected candidates,
    ensuring a seamless negotiation process.
  • We act as intermediaries during salary and benefit negotiations to help reach mutually
    satisfying agreements.

6. Replacement Warranty:

  • For added peace of mind, we offer a replacement warranty. If a candidate placed by
    Empowers Staffing decides to leave your organization before the warranty expires, we
    will promptly find a replacement at no additional cost.

7. Onboarding Support and Follow-Up:

  • We provide support throughout the onboarding process, ensuring that all necessary
    paperwork and documentation are completed.
  • Post-hire, we follow up with both you and the candidate to guarantee a smooth
    transition into their new role.

8. Client Feedback and Ongoing Relationship Building:

  • We value client feedback as it helps us continuously improve our services.
  • Empowers Staffing is committed to building lasting relationships with our clients,
    providing ongoing staffing solutions as needed.

Our dedicated team at Empowers Staffing is committed to delivering exceptional talent that aligns with
your organization’s goals and values. Our proven recruitment process ensures that we find you the best
candidates, enabling you to focus on your core business. Choose Empowers Staffing as your partner and
experience the difference in talent acquisition. Contact us today to get started.

Empowers Staffing Inc

Empowers Staffing Inc

Empowers Staffing is the fastest-growing minority-owned Recruiting and Staffing Company. Empowers Staffing connects with your organization to understand your staffing needs and provide you with the most diverse skilled professionals in the market.