9 Considerable Tips for Hiring the Right Staffing Agency

When choosing a staffing company, you can find an endless list of potential agencies to choose from. Indeed, robust recruitment strategies are critical to the success of your business, so it’s essential to choose a company that delivers results and measurable returns.

Staffing agencies help SMBs save time and money by tapping into the broad networks of professional candidates employers desire. Those connections are essential in today’s recruitment environment, where skilled talent is in high demand and hard to find.

In addition, working with staffing experts ensures that you pick the right person in a short time frame, which is more cost-effective than participating in a long, drawn-out hiring process. However, finding the right staffing agency is also critical to your hiring success.

Irrespective of your hiring needs, the following strategies can be used to hire the right staffing agency.

1. Ideal Agency Helps you Assess the Prerequisites

When hiring ideal banking or finance professional, you must take time to define the required attitude, skills, objectives, and goals associated with the role. Define your company’s culture and values to give the staffing agency an understanding of the type of candidate you are looking for.

If a staffing agency asks you to identify or help you assess these prerequisites, it means the potential agency has passed the first step of your evaluation.

2. Provide the Accurate Information 

Generally, employers hiring banking and finance staffing agencies frequently provide vague answers and open-ended ranges for potential employees’ wages and hourly rates. Employers are often hesitant about giving the exact number they wish to pay, but they shouldn’t be.

Understandably, an employer might feel that the agency will only send candidates at the top of the pay range they offer. However, the goal of a reputed agency is to find the best candidates for you. Therefore, they will not rule out a candidate coming under your budget to make more money.

It often happens that they know a candidate who needs a higher salary range than what you have offered, and you miss out on that candidate even though you would have paid what they wanted. The more information you provide to the staffing agency regarding your budget, the better the recruiter will provide candidates.

3. Look for a Specialized Recruiting Agency

General staffing agencies can staff for just any business or industry out there. Consequently, they will find candidates with limited industrial knowledge, which may lead to bad hires.

But when you’re working with a specialized staffing agency like Empowers Staffing, you expect to pick the best candidates for the job in the shortest possible time. 

Here’s why; a specialized agency knows your industry well, and they will consider many factors and prerequisites that you may forget to address in your job profile. In addition, they belong to business groups; they network in the field, they speak several languages. As a result, they can source diverse candidates for your business.

4. Request Client Referrals

Ask a staffing agency to provide some client referrals. Then reach out to those clients to learn about their experiences with that staffing agency.

A most reliable staffing agency should have no trouble providing you with client referrals. When you contact those referrals, you can find out their experience with that particular staffing agency. You can also use insights from the agency’s referrals to make informed decisions about a staffing company.

5. Client Satisfaction

You wouldn’t like to hire a company known for its poor customer service, would you? The same goes for hiring a staffing agency. Identify the client satisfaction of the potential agency by analyzing their reviews on the web. You can also contact some of their existing or past clients to evaluate their service quality.

You can always ask for references from your competitors, but remember their staffing needs might differ from yours. Again, it’s your responsibility to research well.

6. Learn Something New

Working with a reputed staffing company means having experienced recruiters and staff at your fingertips.

Your recruiter should be able to tell you about recruitment trends in your industry. They should be able to give you an insight into what kind of candidates you should expect to hire. Finally, they should give you helpful information about compensation in your industry.

You should expect to learn something new from the potential agency, even before you hire them. You can identify the agency’s knowledge and authority on a discovery call or in a face-to-face meeting.

7. Identify Your Expectations

Identifying your expectations before hiring a staffing agency is similar to identifying the job responsibilities of the ideal candidates before hiring them. You must understand what you expect from a potential staffing agency before actually hiring them.

Identify how often you want to communicate with them, how much time and data you will be providing them to get started, how much you want the recruitment process to be seamless, what grade of candidate experience you expect from the agency, etc.

Take the time to do your homework before choosing any agency. Ask them the doubts you have to ensure that you hire the best agency for your staffing needs.

8. Ask About Experience In Your Domain

When evaluating potential staffing agencies, you must look for an experienced provider in your industry. For instance, if you’re looking for banking professionals, you must consider an agency experienced in recruiting banking professionals, such as Empowers Staffing. 

This eliminates the need to educate the agency about market conditions, challenges, and your unique business needs.

A staffing agency may not understand your company’s products or services much, and that’s acceptable. However, the agency must be aware of the domain your business operates in, your company’s position in the market, current marketplace trends, challenges, and opportunities. 

Only an experienced staffing agency can evaluate these factors well. Thus, considering the same can reap more incredible benefits for you.

9. Ask About How Does a Staffing Agency Sources Its Candidates

Every employer wants to hire the top talent, and every recruiter ensures that it fulfills the employer’s requirement. However, sourcing is the biggest challenge any business could face when looking for top talent. 

The agencies that are skilled in talent sourcing use various tools and platforms to combat this challenge. Thus, ask what tools and platforms they use and how. Successful agencies must have their job boards optimized for maximum traffic and attract applicants to their positions. The diverse talent pool they possess, the better talent you can hire for your business.

If you want to target highly qualified and trustworthy banking and finance professionals for your bank or mortgage company, then Empowers Staffing must be your choice. To know more about our services and our recruitment process, you can schedule a call with us.

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