7 Misconceptions About Working with a Staffing Agency — Busted!

Indeed, many organizations understand and appreciate the services of staffing agencies. But it can be only seen among the organizations who had a great experience with them.

Employers who hadn’t worked with staffing agencies before or had bad experiences have several common misconceptions about them.

However, a misconception becomes a belief if not exposed. And that’s why we tried to compile and expose all the possible misconceptions regarding staffing agencies.

Misconception 1: Staffing Agencies Provides Entry-Level Positions Only

Many employers have a misconception that staffing agencies provide candidates for an entry-level role only. However, it was true in the times when staffing agencies had just emerged. 

Earlier, staffing agencies used to provide talents for accounting and administration roles only. However, the fact is that staffing companies have evolved with time and can now fulfill any talent requirements, irrespective of what profile you’re hiring for (either high level or low level).

Some reputed recruiting and staffing agencies, such as Empowers Staffing, have also established a talent pool to meet their clients’ immediate hiring needs. You may locate the qualified candidates you need in staffing agencies’ talent pool much faster than finding them on social media channels or job boards.

Misconception 2: Most of the Jobs Offered by Staffing Agencies are for Temp Hires

This misconception is also part of limited past offerings of staffing agencies, i.e., helping in temp hires. But the time has changed a lot. Now, staffing agencies have expanded their offerings, as we said earlier. 

Today, staffing agencies offer more than just temp-hire solutions. Instead, they provide temporary, contract-to-hire, part-time and full-time hiring. 

So, if you’re partnered with a staffing agency to hire full-time candidates and suddenly find the need to hire part-time workers for any reason, you will be at an advantage. You can do so for various reasons, such as to ease the staff’s workload or aid your in-house employees in a particular project, etc.

Misconception 3: Recruiters Want to Fill as Many Roles as Possible

Companies indeed reach out to staffing agencies when there is a need to hire in large volumes because of any reasons, such as establishing a new office at a different location or increasing the staff in the workplace. 

And any unethical staffing agency will provide the candidates in masses without assessing their skills and background. It sets the entire industry to a negative reputation. However, not every staffing agency is the same.

A reputable staffing agency will limit the number of requisitions they take to assess the candidates based on the respective job roles and responsibilities before providing it to the employer.

Therefore, before considering any staffing agency, ask them how many contracts they work on in a given time. It will give you an idea about how much time it will take to hire the required number of employees.

Misconception 4: Staffing Agencies Cost More Than Hiring In-house

Many companies believe that hiring via staffing agencies costs more than hiring in-house. However, the reality is quite contradictory. 

Usually, hiring top candidates requires a skilled recruiting team and tools that make the recruiting efficient, increasing your overall hiring cost.

Working with a staffing agency reduces this overall cost to a commission-based pay that costs you on every successful hire. However, there are many different models that staffing agencies use to charge their clients. Therefore, it is better to discuss it first — depending on your average hiring needs – before partnering with them.

Misconception 5: We Can Hire on Our Own — Don’t Need Staffing Agencies

Many businesses believe that they can recruit candidates on their own — that they don’t need staffing agencies. Indeed, any business can set up an in-house HR or recruiting team.

However, many businesses don’t consider that successful recruiting requires two crucial elements that every business has a shortage of; (i) time and (ii) specialized skills.

You eliminate your weak points by actually outsourcing your recruitment needs to a staffing agency. Since staffing agencies solely work to help companies hire the top talent, they invest in building a specialized team that pays off to both parties. 

Misconception 6: Only Incompetent Candidates Work with Staffing Agencies

It is pretty evident for companies to believe that top talent doesn’t need to work with staffing agencies as they already have companies willing to hire them. It might sound true, but there’s another side of the coin.

Many qualified candidates choose to work with staffing agencies so that their employer can’t find that they are looking for other opportunities. 

That’s why you will most likely find top talent via a staffing agency.

Misconception 7: You Lose Control Over Recruiting Process When You Work with a Staffing Agency

Many companies believe that when they work with a staffing agency, they lose control over the hiring process — unaware of where the process stands.

However, you can deal with it smartly. For instance, when you work with a reputed agency, they ensure that you get updates regarding the hiring process. However, even if they don’t do so, you can ask them to keep you updated before signing the contract. You can also set the communication channels so that you won’t feel left behind.


It’s clear that knowledge about staffing agencies is limited amongst the employers, especially those who haven’t partnered with them yet. That’s why it is essential to expose these superheroes and highlight their contributions towards making recruiting fast, easy, and affordable.

Though corporations get the most benefit out of their services, recruiting and staffing agencies like Empowers Staffing also help talents find the right career opportunity. We also ensure that no candidate is left behind because of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

If you believe in hiring a diverse workforce to aid in a company’s growth and success, Empowers Staffing Inc. must be your primary choice. To get partnered with us, schedule a free, no obligation, consultation call now!

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