Recruitment is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It has grown to be a billion-dollar industry with more than 13 million people employed in it. Also, the recruitment industry is highly competitive – considering the different job titles in the field, i.e., recruiters, HR Managers, social media managers, and even sales professionals.

Indeed, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work to flourish in a recruiting career. However, the desire to impact many lives by helping them make their lives decisions has been the sole driver for candidates entering the recruiting profession.

If you are one of the aspiring recruiters and planning to kickstart your career, here are the five tips that can make you successful in it.

What is a Recruiter, Its Importance, and How Do They Find Candidates?

A recruiter is an individual who helps companies find and hire employees that match their talent requirements.

Since the past decade, the recruitment industry has changed dramatically – revolutionized primarily by technology. With different tools such as social media, talent networks, and AI assistants, recruiters can easily reach out to new talent now. 

In addition, nowadays, recruiters are also using data science and algorithms to discover hidden talent pools from companies’ websites and social media pages. The approach opens up new opportunities for employers with limited resources in finding the best-skilled professionals for their team.

Recruiters typically work in large corporations and government agencies. They search for the best candidates by sourcing resumes and conducting interviews with potential candidates. A recruiter is mainly responsible for matching candidates with appropriate business needs or job opportunities. Therefore, recruiters need to decipher qualified candidates from those who are not qualified enough for the offered position.

What Makes a Recruiter Successful?

While each person defines success differently, successful recruiters have a common definition of success.

A successful recruiter works beyond sourcing and hiring. It impacts; 

(i) candidates’ lives by providing them the opportunity they seek, and 

(ii) contributes to the company’s growth by hiring qualified candidates.

So, how can you be a great recruiter?

The importance of a recruiter remains unchanged even after so much industrial and technological development. In the recruitment industry, the bar has been set high at the entry-level. That’s because a recruiter has a crucial role and is responsible for adding resources/talent and accountability to the company. However, becoming a professional recruiter is not as easy as it appears.

For someone aiming for a career as a recruiter, specific skills can play an important role. So if you’re that aspiring recruiter, we have some tips to help you become a successful recruiter by developing the respective skills.

1. Build Long-Term Partnerships

Building and maintaining long-term relationships is a big part of a recruiter’s day-to-day role.

Understanding your client’s needs (company) and understanding what motivates the people at work will make you successfully match the suitable candidates to the right jobs.

It is not just about external customer relationships but also about the skills to build strong relationships with your associates. Demonstrating your communication skills and ability to be a team player will help you manage relationships based on respect and mutual trust and help you build a successful recruiting career.

One of the most important things to remember when building a solid relationship is that people tend to be unruly and do not prefer to make decisions in a hurry, especially the biggest ones. Thus, always be patient and don’t push people to make decisions.

Compassion and empathy will show that you are invested in your company and the candidate’s needs, which will help you gain their trust.

2. Offboarding Skills

Well, this might sound a bit vague to a recruiter, as they are responsible for recruiting new people for a company. As a recruiter, you may – sometimes – need to fire someone you hire. However, not knowing how to say ‘goodbye’ to the candidates they recruited themself might create a deadlock.

Remember that you need to provide a smooth candidate experience during an offboarding process. Also, in some cases, a professional relationship may end badly, but knowing how to handle it properly can help things go smoothly in the long term.

You need to remember that your former employees are still a part of your organization as they can provide you with many potential referrals if they are on good terms with the organization till the end.

It has been proven that employees who leave an organization can return with surprising benefits. Even terminated people can gain the skills they need to get back into the workforce.

If you want to be a more convincing recruiter, you need to learn how to fire an employee. Indeed, both are opposites but are part of your job.

3. Answer/Return the Call

One of the habits that make the recruiters successful is that they will always respond to people, either good or bad, and provide complete feedback or a quick update call on their assessment. Don’t be that forgetful recruiter who doesn’t get back to their candidates.

If you went for a job and no one comes back to you with results, even if you weren’t successful, would you be happy with it?

4. Embrace Technology

Over the past decade, technology has changed how most industries operate, and recruitment is no different.

The way recruiters engage with candidates now is much more proactive and less dependent on applicants’ responses to ads. As a result, you can now find talent regularly.

Notably, it has also led to an increase in the use of video technology, and companies are using apps to chat with applicants. You will also need a good understanding of all the major social media channels. Recruiters use these technologies and social media platforms to gather, analyze the information, and draw conclusions.

The Digital era has also changed how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage their internal processes. Thus, a recruiter must be aware of modern technologies being used in the recruitment arena.

5. Focus On the Hard Skills

In a competitive market like recruiting, it is essential to focus on the hard skills as much as you focus on the soft skills. To take your career to the next level, focus on what you know and what’s required to grow. With the right skills and more experience, you will be able to draw attention to your personal brand and continue to grow your network.

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