6 Key Tips to Boost Your Job Search

Getting a job in today’s economy is not an easy challenge. You may not be able to find a job even after weeks or months of job searching. This is because most job seekers use specific strategies to stay ahead of the competition. If you don’t want to be behind in the race, you should also have an action plan ready. Notably, the longer it takes to look for a job, the more frustrated you may become. So, you need to act now!

There are countless options for job hunting, such as job boards, LinkedIn, social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. However, how to leverage them remains the question for many. Below are six essential tips that you can use to boost your job search before it’s too late.

Why Are Job Searches So Tricky?

Indeed, job hunting is difficult. But, unfortunately, it’s not just the number of existing jobs that makes the search challenging but also the traditional approaches that employers use in their screening processes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these screening procedures are responsible for 33% of lost job opportunities, which means employers reject applicants who would otherwise have been considered qualified.

To create a more uniform playing field and increase employment opportunities, we should look at how companies can implement new technologies to make the recruiting process more efficient and mitigate these lost opportunities.

With AI assistance in finding qualified candidates, companies can spend their time on more critical tasks such as attracting potential employees by making their job descriptions stand out from other job postings.

Not surprisingly, many of the most common challenges in finding a job are the time and effort it takes a candidate to reach out to employers.

However, there is an increasing demand for people with specific skill sets. Thus, the key is to strictly work on the required skill sets and find jobs smartly that will stand you out from other job seekers.

Below are six valuable tips that you can follow to become a smarter jobseeker than anyone else.

1. Reflect

Ask yourself:

What are you passionate about?

On the other hand, issues that make you angry or upset can also provide a path to change.

What is important to you in the job?

Are you most concerned about salary or reputation? Do you have the ability to make an impact in a larger community? Is work-life balance the most important to you? Identify what matters to you first.

What kind of work appeals to you?

Think about activities that make you lose track of time or offer a deep sense of satisfaction. This can be an excellent initial point for thinking about which job role would suit you best.

Additional Questions/Resources

You have to develop additional questions for self-reflection and self-assessment. Career centers at many schools can provide access to these resources and help interpret the results.

2. Explore

Here are some points to start:

  • Read about working professionals who found their way to contribute and leverage their advice and suggestions.
  • Use online tools and social media like LinkedIn to identify people with aspiring jobs and career paths.
  • Learn from dedicated CEOs what drove and inspired them to their successful careers.
  • Sign up for various jobs newsletters to hear from professionals, get tips, and find relevant job listings.

3. Target

Finally, you should be able to describe your goal in a sentence or two with prominent examples. You must be wondering how you will do it. The self-assessment via the following parameters can assist you.

Geography: Do you want to live in a city? If yes, in which city? Want to gain international experience? Where?

Problem: What problem do you want to solve? For whom? The saying “I want to help companies become more sustainable” is still too vague. 

Summarize it as long as you can say, “I want to help consumer product companies become more sustainable by improving packaging design.”

Industry: Is there a particular industry that attracts you? Not sure? Get back to the research phase — try to network with people on social media and use other tips we discussed above.

Organization Type: Do new businesses and ventures inspire you? Or are you more comfortable with systems and processes in a large and established company?

Function: What kind of skill set are you interested in building? Do you like to influence people through language? Communication may be for you. Enjoy thinking about the big picture? Perhaps you should fit a strategy role.

4. Network Consciously

Social or professional networking can bring you outstanding results. If you want to boost your chances of getting a job quickly, you should try to connect with as many influencers as possible. 

Attend social & community events where you can get to know new people. Be active on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In any way, don’t spend your networking time with closed eyes. Always approach those people you feel can benefit you in your career in some way or the other.

5. Focus on Getting Your Toes in the Door First

If you really want to increase your chances of getting a job, you should first find some opportunities that lead to your desired career path. The first break is essential. Unless you enter the job market in your desired industry, you can’t build on the work experience you’ll need to negotiate better jobs or career opportunities in the future.

6. Don’t Ignore Temporary Jobs

Getting a temporary job is pretty much better than sitting unemployed. Since these are lean times, you shouldn’t completely ignore temporary jobs. 

Many companies hire temporary candidates. If it’s with a potential employer, you should grab the opportunity quickly. You never know whether this temporary job will turn into a full-time opportunity and become a breakthrough for you. 

Invest your energy and effort in whatever work you choose to do and try to showcase your most essential and unique skills. You can boost your job search and create the excellent career path you wish by following these six tips.

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