Finding the right employee to hire can be challenging. Whether you’re a small business owner or manager of a multinational company, the hiring and staffing process can be a daunting task.

Deciding to partner with a recruitment agency like Empowers Staffing can make it easier for you to find and hire the right people. 

As an employer, you may be wondering why I would need to work with a staffing agency? To help answer this question, we have compiled a list of nine signs that indicate a need for a staffing agency. If any of the points relate to your organization, it’s time to ask for assistance from a specialized recruitment and staffing agency.

9 Signs You Need a Recruitment Agency

1. You’re Not Sure Who Your Ideal Candidates Are

Many employers know what role they need to fill, but they might not be aware of the required skills the individual must possess.

If you’re wondering why is it important, here’s why;

Outlining the job description along with the required skills attracts suitable candidates. If the job description is incomplete or not detailed appropriately, the chances of finding a good candidate will be lost. On top of that, you will lose time and money too. Recruiting agencies possess the experts at helping companies identify these specifics.

2. You’re Not Sure If You Need Full-time Staff

In no way, growth means that you need to hire full-time employees.

Hiring for a full-time role requires finding a company culture fit. While hiring temporary or intern employees can provide a more agile solution.

It can be challenging to differentiate between a need filled by full-time workers and a more suitable need for temporary workers. Nevertheless, employee services can help small business owners make that distinction, saving them time and money.

3. Your Organization is Going Through Massive Change

Businesses go through massive changes when growing. The changing objectives of the business may require more employees.

New challenges in business may ask you to hire specialized talent, especially when you don’t have an in-house solution.

Many employers may feel challenged and paralyzed when they need a recruit for a company’s requirement but possess no passive hiring pipeline. However, when businesses consider a staffing agency, they meet their immediate talent needs quickly.

4. Recruitment Costs Are Going Overboard

Many employers choose to recruit with the help of their in-house HR team, while the approach seems acceptable. What puts employers at a disadvantage here is recruitment costs begin touching the sky due to bad hires. 

When you get partnered with an experienced staffing agency, you aren’t the only one accountable for the hiring mistakes. Moreover, you pay only after successful recruitment. Thus, it lowers your hiring costs and hiring stress.

5. High Turnover Concerns

High turnover is a significant concern for some employers. There can be several reasons behind this problem.

The first reason may come down to cultural fit. Finding the right employees who cover the same values ​​as your company is essential. If employees do not share these values, they are likely to leave. Another reason could be your business operations. For example, your organization may have to handle large fluctuations in production volume, which may result in temporary hiring leading to increased turnover and hiring costs.

Whatever the situation, a specialized staffing & recruitment agency can help. For instance, Empowers Staffing recruiting experts can help you identify high-quality candidates who connect with and contribute to your company culture. We can also help you establish the right staffing level for your business needs as you adapt to the demands of your industry.

6. Hiring Your First Employee

Expanding your small business can be a complex process as you try to find trustworthy finance professionals for the role. Working with a staffing agency can help ensure the fit is just right. It is also helpful for employers who are new to the recruitment process and unaware of talent sourcing and screening processes.

Empowers Staffing can eliminate stress over the employers by introducing pre-screened and experienced finance and banking professionals.

7. You Have Zero Idea Where to Find the Ideal Candidate 

You have a thoughtful job description along with desired candidate skills. You also understand what kind of professional you’re looking for. But, you don’t know where to find those skilled professionals for your mortgage company. So, instead of researching on the web and trying on job portals, you must reach out to experts. 

Recruitment agencies possess a broad applicant base, a website visited by potential applicants, and the knowledge of ideal places on the web to promote your offerings.

8. Nobody Applies For The Job You Offer

It could be disheartening not to see any submissions on your job post. You regularly post vacancies, yet there are very few candidates and none of them qualify for the role. 

Indeed, many reasons could account for that, such as the job board you chose, the online reach your posting has got, how detailed your job description was, etc.

Irrespective of the reason, handing over your recruitment process to a staffing agency can help you deal with the issue. Recruitment agencies help businesses at every stage of recruitment – from sourcing qualified professionals to assess and getting them appointed.

9. You Don’t Have Time for Hiring Process

Hiring is a serious commitment for small businesses. However, reviewing resumes, contacting potential candidates, conducting interviews, and discussing candidates with other decision-makers can negatively impact the day-to-day operation of your business.

When you have to take the time to review resumes and ineligible applicants, it’s a massive waste of time. And for small businesses, everyone knows that time is money.

When partnering with a recruiting agency, you can save and invest your time where it is needed the most. After partnering, business owners may only have to interview a few candidates, select them and meet briefly with a staffing agency representative.

Empowers Staffing helps banks and financial institutions hiring more trustworthy and qualified banking and finance professionals with ease. To know more, schedule a call with us today.

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